The Mystics Circle


What can the mystics teach us today?

A series of events, Podcasts, Webinars, Zoom retreats
bringing the mystics to contemporary life.



A NEW PODCAST – Life, Love, & Light: Reflections by Veronica Mary Rolf 

In this series of contemplative podcasts, we delve into the wisdom of the Christian mystics to discover how they may inspire, encourage, and guide us on our own spiritual path—especially during this time of pandemic that produces so much fear, suffering, and anxiety.
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A ZOOM RETREAT: Praying with the English Mystics with Carl McColman 

Three conferences, exploring the contemplative teaching of Evelyn Underhill, Julian of Norwich, and the author of The Cloud of Unknowing.
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WEBINARS – Happy Nothingness: Christian Contemplative Spirituality with LJ Milone

Come for a weekly discussion of all things contemplative, and, especially, how to walk the path of mystical nothingness, letting go, nonduality, and infinite love in imitation of Jesus and as taught by mystics down through the centuries.

Some topics we will discuss in May include: being spiritual in a busy world, when prayer is dry and dead, the evolution of consciousness, and the path of nothingness in scripture and some mystics.

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Be careful: the words of the mystics have been known to change peoples’ lives.

This e-course explores the life and teachings of some of the great mystics of the Christian tradition, revealing how their ancient — and sometimes recent — wisdom can inspire and transform our lives today. Each of the twelve emails will introduce you to a mystical teaching and invite you to savor its wisdom in the ordinary rhythms of your daily life.
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