Western Spirit Enrichment Center, Sedona, AZ

Western Spirit Enrichment Center, Sedona, AZ
Listing Information
Phone: 1-602-540-5808
Environment: Rural
Spiritual Orientation: All
Theme: Nature
50 Willow Way, Sedona, AZ, United States, Arizona (AZ), USA (US) 86336

You've taken an ordinary vacation before, now take a spiritual journey that will change your life -
Western Spirit's mind, body, spiritual retreats.

-Western Spirit Enrichment Center is a small holistic - mind, body, spirit - spiritual organization (non-religious) guiding people on their inner journey of growth and transformation through empowering workshops, exciting outdoor activities, and the beauty of Arizona. We are located in magical Sedona named the most beautiful place in America. The serene setting, high above the Sonoran Desert, is surrounded by towering mountain ranges, the nation's largest contiguous forest of sweet-smelling Ponderosa pines, and Sedona's awesome red rock cliffs, buttes and spires.

Our outdoor activities, Sedona tours and Grand Canyon tour are fun and meant to generate excitement and reawaken feelings of joy and playfulness.

Services and entertainment include massages, yoga or Tai Chi classes, stories of Native American cultures, healing sessions and hiking

Retreats and workshops: The goal of Western Spirit is to offer you the opportunity to enrich your life in a unique and exciting way. These spiritual retreat or couples retreat workshops are designed to guide individuals or couples along paths of self-discovery, forgiveness and healing, regardless of any particular faith or religious background. They are based on the universal principle that God is love and all humankind is connected.



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