Villa Maria Education & Spirituality Center Retreats, PA

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Phone: 724-964-8886
• 2067 Evergreen Road • P.O. Box 424 • Villa Maria, PA, Pennsylvania (PA), USA (US) 16155

Check our website frequently for more information about these and other programs coming in 2018!

March 10:  Maureen Lauer-Gatta and Dena D., A Day of Mindfulness

March 16-18: Cheryl Rose, HM, Empty Bowl Weekend Retreat

April 13-15: Br. Mickey McGrath, OSFS., The Maternal Womb of Mercy

June 7-10: Diarmuid O’Murchu, INCARNATION:  The Contemporary Search for Embodied Meaning

June 17-24: Individually Directed Retreat

July 22-28: Maureen Wild, SC and Joyce Rouse, Cosmic Symphony of Love Unfolding

August 16-19: Cheryl Rose, HM, Empty Bowl Retreat

September 7-9: Rev. John Dear, Jesus and the Mission of Peace, Love, and Nonviolence

September 23-30: Individually Directed Retreat

October 7-12: Tom Ryan, CSP, Prayer of Heart and Body

November 30-December 2: Ruthmary Powers, HM, Reclaiming Advent

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