The Retreat that Stops the Stuck. Private Guided. A Personal Creative Spirituality.

The Retreat that Stops the Stuck. Private Guided. A Personal Creative Spirituality.
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Spiritual Orientation: Open to All
Theme: Spiritual Retreats
703 Tico Rd, Ojai, CA, California (CA), USA (US) 93023
A Guided Meditation Retreat & Personalized Soul Counseling Intensive for:
Healing Breakthrough & Spiritual Awakening the Wisdom Tradition
Private Solo Retreats | Women's Healing Retreats | Private Couples & Marriage Relationship Counseling Weekends | Spiritual Life Purpose Mentoring Programs
Author/Teacher & SoulArts Founder:  Ronda LaRue, M.S.
Ojai, California USA


...Many women, men, and marriage couples come to me during their hardest times and crossroads in life.

Many have tried traditional therapy and counseling but feel the need for something distinctly more profound, inwardly directed, and lasting.  Some have studied with other spiritual teachers and healers (like Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Wayne Dyer)  or tried meditation and mindfulness practices ....and still find themselves - stuck-  in the overthinking anxiety and busyness of daily life, unsure how to integrate their soul purpose and path within everyday real world living.

People who request their own personal SoulArts guided mindfulness retreat with me seem to each sense that they are on the brink of something new and unknown trying to emerge in their lives...

This may be felt as as an excited new readiness for the next phase in life but lacking clarity and direction; as an inner longing for a soul-driven purpose; as mid-life crisis; as seeking a cure for the source of depression, emptiness or over thinking anxiety; as the angst of marital difficulties, infidelities and separation; or as being just plain "fed up" with old repeating stories and patterns and feeling determined to live in truth, peace and purpose.

So no matter what pain or struggle might call you to this retreat: the death of a loved one; grief from divorce or separation; old wounds that are keeping you stuck; loss of meaning or direction; a spiritual awakening crisis - what I know after years of offering this ground-breaking work to hundreds of people from all circumstances in life, is that it is a huge relief and wonderful surprise when a person comes here fearful and unsure, and discovers just how artfully simple it is to truly see and break free.


Ronda LaRue’s work as a spiritual teacher and mentoring guide has gained a growing global visibility over the past decades, with individuals and couples traveling from all over the world to work, one-on-one, with Ronda at her artisan home spa for the soul in the beautiful cultural arts community of Ojai, California - about 75 miles north of Los Angeles in the gorgeous Ojai mountain valley, 8 miles inland from the seaside town of Ventura. (Ojai SoulArts was rated Best of the West US and Top 10 Spiritual Retreats Worldwide for this novel one-on-one holistic mind body spiritual teaching and mindfulness meditation tool. -2007.)

* Non-denominational. Open to all peoples and paths of tolerance for diversity.  &

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