Pure Meditation Foundation class

Pure Meditation Foundation class
Listing Information
Event Date Start: August 18, 2018 15:00
Event Date End: August 18, 2018 16:45
Phone: 517-641-6201
Environment: Woods
Spiritual Orientation: Open to All
Theme: Meditation
7187 Drumheller Road, Bath Township, MI, United States, Michigan (MI), USA (US) 48808

Find inner peace. Of value in all walks of life, it helps you to be in charge of how you feel and takes only a few minutes to practice each day. Includes book and follow-up appointment.

$60. If you cannot afford the full fees, please ask about a bursary. If these dates are not possible for you, please contact us as we are continually reviewing and adding new dates. Pre-registration is needed. See our website for many more events, classes & retreats!

We look forward to welcoming you to the Centre.

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