Meditation and Yoga Retreat sponsored by FindtheDivine- Oct 2018

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Meditation and Yoga Retreat sponsored by FindtheDivine- Oct 2018
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Phone: 7036066611
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11411 Neelsville Church Rd, Germantown, MD, USA, Maryland (MD), USA (US) 20876

MYretreat is a meditation and yoga retreat with creative prompts to initiate something new and true off the mat.

meditation and yoga retreatMYretreat is a contemplative retreat aiming to transform and renew the way we live, and move, and thrive: Through  meditation and yoga, we engage in two practices that together care for the whole person, body, mind and soul. From that place of wholeness we go deeper within and find new ways to be in relationship with ourselves, others, God and the universe. Unstructured personal time will be given to explore those ways, and creative prompts will be offered for guidance.

About the meditation: This is an interfaith and ecumenical retreat. All paths, traditions and practices are welcome to share the same silenceNo specific meditation practice is encouraged or needed. They can be centering prayer, mindfulness, loving kindness, christian meditation, TM, or any type of silent meditation. Breath or word/mantra meditation will be taught for those who currently do not have a practice but are looking to start one. Beginners are welcome.

About the movement: Emphasis on breathing while moving  and resting in yoga poses. Adjustments will be offered for beginners.

About the creative prompts: We offer visual prompts such as contemplative photography, nature assemblages, or symbolic drawing. Movement prompts such as walking meditation, or the labyrinth. Writing  prompts for journaling, poetry or prose.

Why creative prompts: While many of us choose to wander during our personal time until our wanderings find us, it can be useful to have prompts at hand to initiate something new and true. Moving, writing, creating from a well of silence, from the inside out, not lead by expectations, judgements and fear, is a freeing path worth exploring.

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