Lily Mazurek

Lily Mazurek
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Pembroke Pines, FL, Florida (FL), USA (US) 33026

Mandala Workshops was founded in 1996 by Lily Mazurek, M.A. as a way to share her life’s mission--helping others heal by grasping the profound message of the Mandala. Mandalas are circular designs signifying wholeness. Their amazing power goes far beyond the idea of simple drawings or decoration, however. In the past decade or so, we seem to have entered the Age of the Mandala.

They have begun appearing around the world more and more in new and different contexts. Increasingly, people are also becoming more aware of them. And yet, they have been used in healing ceremonies for centuries by cultures the world over because of their transformative effect on the body, mind, and spirit. The beautiful circular Mandala designs created in our hands-on Workshops too, are by their very nature, therapeutic and healing. They always work. How and why this is so is revealed naturally in the enjoyable environment of the Mandala-making process Ms. Mazurek creates for each session.

Mandala Workshops in Florida
Lily Mazurek is the originator of Mandala Workshops in Florida. A gifted teacher and public speaker, Ms. Mazurek conducts Introductory, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Mandala Workshops, for adults, teens and children. The settings for these workshops encompass universities, churches, oncology and AIDS conferences, cancer centers, metaphysical centers, libraries and private sessions with groups and individuals.

Some of the organizations which have hosted Workshops and Seminars with Lily Mazurek are:

Broward Community College
Dan Pearl Library
Florida Society of Oncology Social Workers Conference
Gildas’s Club
Griffin’s Loft
Nova Southeastern University
OAK – Outdoor Activities Klub
Positive Connections for AIDS Conference
Southwest Regional Library
Unity Church

She hopes to expand her work into other areas such as botanical gardens, parks, schools, community centers, seniors, and with the disabled. She is also in the process of developing an online correspondence course and a certification course for Teacher Training, both due to popular demand.

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