July Silent Directed Retreat at Prairiewoods

July Silent Directed Retreat at Prairiewoods
Listing Information
Event Date Start: July 8, 2018 17:30
Event Date End: July 14, 2018 13:00
Phone: 3193956700
Environment: Forest
Spiritual Orientation: Franciscan
Theme: Silence

For those who desire deepening and renewal, a week-long foray into the silence may be just the balm for the soul. Silent directed retreats (offered both June 10–16 and July 8–14) provide lavish time and sacred space for prayer, solitude, quiet and peace.

In the solace of 70 acres of prairie and woodland at Prairiewoods (120 East Boyson Road in Hiawatha), the beauty of creation extends a sweet embrace. Each day will offer the opportunity to meet with a spiritual director who will listen with you for the movement of the Spirit within your life. A daily experience of centering prayer is available in a group setting. As you rest in silence, you may notice many of life’s gifts, regain a sense of balance, and learn to be still, to live in the moment, and to deepen your relationship with God and others. Silent Directed Retreats are ideal for anyone who could use a little quiet time away from over-stimulation to return to the center, to learn the art of deep listening, to recover a sense of wonder and gratitude for life, and to fall in love again with living.

Facilitators Betty Daugherty, FSPA; Ann Jackson, PBVM; Laura Weber; and Lucille Winnike, FSPA; are all on staff at Prairiewoods and delight in accompanying others on a spiritual journey.

The cost is $425 and includes sessions, lodging and all meals. Lodgers only, please. For more information or to register, contact Prairiewoods at www.Prairiewoods.org or 319-395-6700.

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