Iona: A Contemplative Pilgrimage

Iona: A Contemplative Pilgrimage
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Event Date Start: May 31, 2018 00:00
Event Date End: June 10, 2018 00:00
Phone: 301-897-7334
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Iona, Scotland, United Kingdom, Scotland

Iona, a small island off the coast of Scotland, has drawn spiritual seekers to its haunting beauty and simplicity for centuries. A pilgrimage to this sacred isle invites us to draw deeply from this wellspring of spiritual vitality.

Only three miles long, Iona is a sanctuary and source of nourishment in a sometimes chaotic and stressful world. Centuries of prayers, woven into the very fabric of the land, invite us to see how God’s abiding presence flows through all of life, both mundane and momentous.

At the heart of the island community is the iconic Abbey church with its vibrant liturgies and worship. The worship life encourages Celtic Christian values so needed today: an open-hearted, expansive sense of community; an enduring steadfast love of creation; prayerful, engaged action in the world; and healing for the broken and weary.

On Iona, we will look to St. Columba and other Celtic saints as a source of inspiration. Their courage, risk-taking and love of God show us a new way of being and strengthen our confidence that God is wanting to birth a new life and vision in us, and through us, for the world.

This pilgrimage invites us to see the world through God’s eyes and be together in the flow of God’s grace. Nourished and renewed, we return home bringing the blessings of Iona to our communities and those we love.

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