Holistic Retreat Center in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Holistic Retreat Center in the Blue Ridge Mountains
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Listing Information
Phone: (434) 207-4476
Meeting Space Capacity: 80 people
Meeting rooms: 4
Overnight Guest Capacity: 40
Dining: All organic, gluten-free meals. Vegetarian and vegan diets accommodated.
Environment: Mountains
Spiritual Orientation: Open to All
Theme: Meditation
2610 Adial Road, Virginia (VA), USA (US), Virginia (VA), USA (US) 22938

Synchronicity Foundation International Retreat Center and Sanctuary is a unique blend of Eastern and Western facilities and modalities. Nestled on 450 acres of lush forest in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Sanctuary has a powerful energetic created by a mile-deep of quartz crystal. The energetic is also enhanced by the holistic intent and spiritual practices of retreat groups for over 35 years, with participants from all over the world, including Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Mexico, Canada, and Europe. The extensive walking trails feature mini-temples with paintings of Divine Feminine symbols from around the globe, including Quan Yin, White Buffalo Woman, Sophia, Kali, Rajarajeshwari, Tara, the Blessed Mother, and more. The setting is powerful and all-embracing.

The Sanctuary is open to transformational groups and is operated by a residential staff and the non-denominational Stillpointe monastery.

The Sanctuary was founded in 1983 to contemporize the ancient wisdom traditions into Western understandings and applications by an American monk (Master Charles Cannon, of the Vedic lineage of India). Thus, the Sanctuary contains buildings dedicated to Eastern practices such as yoga and traditional yagnas (fire rituals such as focus on the Divine Feminine), as these can produce expanded states of awareness in a slower, more traditional way. Groups teaching traditional spiritual practices will find every need accommodated. As detailed below, touch therapies are available in private sessions for an additional charge.

Contemporization for Western culture has technology as its main focus. Enlightened states of awareness and expertise in music and sacred geometrical frequencies gave the Founder an edge in creating an updated system for deeper states of meditation.  He created High-Tech Meditation in 1984 using sonic brainwave frequencies to entrain and balance the brain, enabling coherence with the heart and all energy pathways/meridians for maximum expansion of awareness.  Synchronicity Foundation remains on the cutting-edge of technologies for the modern meditator with Spiritual Director Brother Ben (successor to Master Charles Cannon).

Daily meditation practice produces balance and is supported by a conscious, Holistic Lifestyle. Thus, the Sanctuary features a meditation hall with 75 chairs equipped with high-quality headphones, used on a daily basis by members of the community, which enhance the holistic frequency of the Sanctuary even further. As detailed below, cutting-edge, energy-balancing and supportive technologies are available in private sessions for an additional charge. Groups wanting a more modern high-tech approach will find every need accommodated.

Want to preserve your group experience with a video recording? Additional services include recording of your classes and training sessions at no charge. Live streaming of your classes worldwide, via broadband, are available for an additional charge. Private (individual) recording sessions in our video recording studio are also available at an additional charge.

Want more technological support for a holistic lifestyle?  Check out our 7D Technology for devices, personal environments, clothing and jewelry which have been infused with sacred geometry frequencies that permanently hold a clear, balanced and expansive field of energy. The most popular items are our copper disks that affix to cellphones, computers and home/office electrical systems to neutralize their harmful, negative electro-magnetic fields.

Venue Highlights:

  • Located in a lush forest of 450 acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains on a mile-deep bed of quartz crystal
  • Beautiful, serene walking trails
  • Classroom and yoga session space with Wi-Fi access; equipped with a sound system, projection and video recording capability
  • Wi-Fi (high-speed internet, rare in rural retreat centers; world-wide broadband streaming capabilities)
  • Private therapy rooms for consultations by visiting group staff
  • High-Tech Meditation hall (every seat equipped with high-quality headphones for deep and impactful meditations)
  • Private video recording studio (with high-speed internet and streaming capabilities)
  • Orthodox Vedic yagna building in the upper gardens (with staff performing 3-hour Vedic Divine Feminine fire rituals on Sundays)
  • All diets are accommodated, from vegan to vegetarian to paleo, with a dominance of organic and fresh ingredients; special diets may be requested
  • Meals are inside the dining dome and outside decks, enhanced and surrounded by the lush mountain forest
  • Comfortable lounge and dessert café
  • Gift store with music, books, gifts, nutritional supplements, and varied accessories to support the transformational journey
  • Holistic protocols are available in private sessions by staff and local practitioners, including:
    • Low-tech, touch protocols: shiatsu; acupuncture; reflexology; myofascial tissue & lymphatic drainage clinical massage; and Thought Field Therapy (TFT Tapping)
    • High-Tech: cutting edge energy technologies including NeuroField (brain mapping software and biofeedback balancing entrainment sessions); Core Energetix (software which accesses the human informational field to entrain specific homeopathic balancing frequencies); and Acoustic Meridian Intelligence (a sonic balancing and healing device that entrains from the feet upward)

Meeting Spaces:

  • Community Hall - for up to 100 people. Classroom and yoga session space with Wi-Fi access; equipped with a sound system, projection and video recording capability.
  • The Fellowship Hall Lounge - for up to 15 people
  • The Cottage - for up to 10 people
  • High-Tech Meditation Hall (meditation room) - for up to 100 people. Every seat is equipped with high-quality headphones for deep and impactful meditations.

Accommodation Choices: Accommodations are available for up to 40 people (additional accommodations nearby, if needed)

  • Private or shared rooms with shared bathrooms.
  • Private suites with private bathrooms (accommodate up to 4 people).
  • Towels and soap provided with all rooms.

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