Elle Collier Re

Elle Collier Re
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Phone: 541.387.5554
Venue Email: G8ofGood@gmail.com
Spiritual Orientation: Open to All
2121 Reed Road, Hood River, Oregon, United States, Oregon (OR), USA (US) 97031

Journey to Awakening
About Annam (Elle Collier Re)
From age 7, Annam was awake to the Emanating Influence of GodSpirit. At 17, a revelatory spiritual experience increased this capacity and began her lifelong commitment to God-centered awareness and service. After years of self-inquiry, meditation, contemplation, and inner dialogue with the GodLevel, Annam entered Unity consciousness and began receiving ongoing, clear divine revelation. Fully awake to the Divine Word, she has become a bridge to the Godmind within, inspiring each to commit to Realization.

Annam resonates to the quality of Light of each person, responding empathically and telepathically to the nature of both human and soul. She is a midwife to the high Nature, assisting each in bringing forth their Prime Design and Plan.

Annam (Elle Collier Re) is the teacher-in-residence at The HeartGate, a non-denominational study and retreat abbey in Hood River, Oregon.

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