Diane Cameron–Spiritual Director and Retreat Leader

Diane Cameron–Spiritual Director and Retreat Leader
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Phone: 1518-269-2255
Spiritual Orientation: Open to All
Theme: All
Albany, NY, USA, New York (NY), USA (US) 12203

Diane Cameron is a spiritual director and retreat leader with a focus on creativity, communication and positive spirituality. I work with individuals and small groups. I also work with businesses, nonprofits and community organizations to do planning, training and mission discernment.

I am also a writer and creativity coach, and I work with people from many faith backgrounds, and those who identify as agnostic or atheist.

As a woman with long recovery --and trained as a recovery coach--I especially enjoy working with people in recovery to do step work, enhance the recovery experience or to explore and deepen the 11th step experience.


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