Transformational Women’s Retreats, Brooks, ME

Transformational Women’s Retreats, Brooks, ME
Listing Information
Event Date Start: June 23, 2018 00:00
Event Date End: June 29, 2018 00:00
Phone: 888-666-6412
Environment: All
Spiritual Orientation: All
Theme: Spiritual Retreats
83 Sullivan Road, Brooks, ME, Maine (ME), USA (US) 04921

Cultivating a Personal Relationship with the Divine Transformational Women’s Retreats

Transformational Women’s Retreats offer a sacred space to expand consciousness and self-Awareness, revealing the uniquely feminine ways each of us resonate as and with the Divine. Blending yoga asana, silent and guided meditations, meditative movement, breath work, self-inquiry, and time in the natural world, our energy opens, making space to listen within to what has been overlooked and turn directly to that which nourishes our connection with the mystery behind form.

This embodied approach to our spiritual life allows us to trust our personal way of  nourishing connection with the Divine. Practices bring awareness to fears which block us emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically, while opening our energy to experience a deepened level of awareness and resonance. In the sacred container of a circle of women, we have the time and space to relax into the ways we access our deepest knowing, and remember what truly matters and sustains us in our lives.

This is a highly experiential retreat. Explorations take us thru and beyond classical practices into new fields of discovery. For this reason, everyone is asked to refrain from computers and phones to allow for an undistracted experience. The combined intention to unplug from technology in retreat is essential for the focused work of stepping out of ordinary time to experience a new reference point from which to life our life. An emergency contact number will be provided to give to loved ones.

Please bring a journal.

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