Christmas Celebration Retreat

Christmas Celebration Retreat
Listing Information
Event Date Start: December 24, 2018 17:30
Event Date End: December 27, 2018 09:00
Phone: 517-641-6201
Environment: Woods
Spiritual Orientation: Open to All
Theme: Silence
7187 Drumheller Rd, Bath Township, MI, United States, Michigan (MI), USA (US) 48808

A truly spiritual way to celebrate the inner beauty of this holy time. Following the first meal, this retreat is held in the silence, with ample free time to meditate, contemplate, relax and get in touch with the inner self.  This small group retreat offers simple home-cooked vegetarian meals and comfortable, shared accommodations in a quiet country setting. A private room or suite may be available.

This is a beautiful time for anyone wanting to spend Christmas in a quiet, peaceful, nurturing environment. We ask you to arrive by 5:30pm on the 24th in time for dinner at 6pm, the Retreat introduction will be after dinner, and plan to depart sometime after breakfast on the 27th ~ if you need to leave before this, please let us know.

On Christmas morning we welcome you to join us for Satsanga, a gathering to Celebrate together in song, prayer and readings and to hear a Christmas message from Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma, our Founder and a Self Realized Master, with Pure Meditation and silent prayer to follow.

During the retreat we serve simple vegetarian meals at 1pm and 5:30pm, things like salads, rice or soup, and there is fruit, crackers, and yogurt out for you to have when needed throughout the day.  Each evening we invite you to join us for 5 minutes of gentle exercises to help the body release before going into Pure Meditation, where each individual is welcome to practice their own form of silent meditation and prayer, and each morning you are welcome to join us to start the day with Pure Meditation and silent prayer.  If you would like to learn the Pure Meditation Foundation, we can arrange this at 3pm on the 23rd. These Retreats give the time for each person to rest, reflect, practice their own yoga, meditate, read spiritual books, go for walks in the beautiful country side or imbibe in the garden and woods.

We respectfully ask that you do not use computers, ipods, cell phones, electronic book readers, etc, during the Retreat so that you can fully imbibe in the peace of the Centre and also not disturb others with the vibrational energy that comes from these devices.

The cost of the retreat is $184.18 for shared accommodation, $260.50 for a single room, or $406.78 for a private suite (subject to availability).  This includes your accommodation and all meals. To learn Pure Meditation Foundation is an additional $60, which includes a book and follow up appointment. Please ask about a bursary if you cannot afford the full fee.

Pre-registration is needed. If these dates are not possible for you, please contact us as we are happy to create personal silent retreats most any time. See our website for many more events, classes & retreats!

We look forward to welcoming you to the Centre.

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