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Mystical Spirituality: How We Evolve Into Who We Really Are

710 Highland Drive, Danville, California, United States

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Event Date Start: November 4, 2017 00:00
Event Date End: November 4, 2017 00:00
Phone: 925-837-9141
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Spiritual Orientation: All
Theme: Spiritual Retreats
710 Highland Drive, Danville, California, United States, 94526

Mysticism is way of knowing God by experience. We go beyond the need for information from our logical brain or theological authorities. We are in the palace of heart, soul, bodymind. This happens through intuition visions, images, dreams, peak experiences, contemplation, ecstatic states, epiphanies. Thus, it is more like a cosmic dance than a fixed stance.
Mystical experience is non-dual: God, we, and all things as one infinite reality. We see God everywhere, in everything and everyone, in every moment.
Hindu mystic, Krishnamurti, often said: “Truth is a pathless land.” Indeed, mystics have let go of the belief that there is only one right path, one right answer.
It is not only monks and specially graced people who have mystical awareness. We can learn to find it in ourselves. We discover a large life in us than our ordinary identity. This becomes more capacity for love, wisdom, and healing. As Thomas Merton showed us, mystics grow in concern for social justice. Indeed, there is no union with God without communion with humanity. There is no individual gain in the spiritual life without an ever-expanding loving-kindness. It is a grace in us to want a love this big and graces are everywhere awaiting us so it can happen in us. Our faith becomes richly cosmic in its scope and limitlessly loving in its reach.
Based on Dave’s new book: Everything Ablaze: Meditating on the Mystical Vision of Teilhard de Chardin.

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