Camp Louemma, Sussex, NJ

43 Louemma Lane, Sussex, NJ, United States

Listing Information
43 Louemma Lane, Sussex, NJ, United States, 07058


Camp Louemma is conveniently located on 152 scenic acres along the Appalachian Trail in the highlands of northern New Jersey on the border of New York State. Just 70 miles from NYC and a short drive from many counties in New Jersey and upstate New York, the camp boasts a private lake and picturesque surroundings that enable our visitors to feel safe, secure and "at one" with friends and nature.

Rates and Dates
While rates vary depending upon the date, size of the group, type of function and food service and staffing requirements we have packages that start as low as $45 per person/per day ($125/weekend, all inclusive).
Let our experienced staff work with you to design a stay with us that will meet all of your budgetary, recreational and educational requirements.

Camp Louemma invites retreat and conference groups to visit and use our special facilities before and after our camp season, Mid-May thru Mid-June and again from early September thru early to mid October.

Ideal for your Group Function: We have hosted many groups and programs at our camp including religious retreats, performing arts, band & cheerleading camps, class trips, environmental workshops, leadership training, family reunions & outings, corporate picnics, weekend get-aways, team building and scout camps.

Camp Louemma has 21 modern "rustic designed" cabins that hold from 11 to 14 individuals and 5 private cabins for family and staff. Our facility can accommodate about 250 over night. On a daily basis we can handle from 300 to 400 individuals.

Meetings and Food Service
We have a large conference room with video equipment that can accommodate about 150 and a Recreation Hall that handles 300. Our program office can be used for a group meeting for 30 individuals.
We are known for our excellent food service and serve 3 meals a day.