Be Still and Listen

801 1st Street, Rocheport, MO, United States

Listing Information
Phone: (573)808-6843
Theme: Contemplative
801 1st Street, Rocheport, MO, United States, 65279

Group Retreats

Join a handful of men and women desiring to pull away, unplug and retreat from their hectic pace of family, work, and vocation to posture themselves in the presence of God. We will attempt to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, a master at modeling the spiritual discipline of stepping away to be alone with his Father…our Heavenly Father.

Be Still and Listen retreats offer a Christ centered guided spiritual retreat with a meditative and contemplative approach open to all faiths. A meditative retreat environment is often an intentional sacred space of silence, reflection, journaling, scripture meditation, prayer and solitude with intermittent guidance and group sharing.

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