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This page gives basic information about Ecuador retreat centers that are in our current database. The retreat centers of our client partners are highlighted. We will be maintaining extensive information for each retreat center as part of our mission to help individuals and groups plan retreats. This information will be updated frequently, so please bookmark this page for future reference.

Gaia Sagrada Spiritual Community and Retreat Center
Cuenca, Ecuador EC 010110


Welcome to Gaia Sagrada
Spiritual Community & Retreat Center!

We pass the savings on to YOU!
me to Ecuador where your money goes further!
Let yourself be blessed by the nature darshan in this Andes Mountains paradise.

Ecuador is a less expensive place to retreat. For as little as $289 per month with 20 hours per week of work exchange, you can enjoy a peak spiritual experience. Everything is included! Daily meditation, yoga, attain balance & harmony, incredible vegetarian meals, campfires, music, and deep spiritual conversations.

Walk mountain paths on misty, sunny mornings, or walk by moonlight and gaze at fireflies and stars while you listen to soothing night sounds. Watch the butterflies over the flowers, or get a peek at the rare long tailed hummingbird native only to South America. Lay in a hammock and read a book, or sunbathe at the reservoir. All this while getting spiritual classes and workshops that enhance your self inquiry process and spiritual growth. Practice living fully in the present moment in a supportive atmosphere. Treat yourself to something amazing!

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Daily meditation & Yoga
  • Spiritual retreats & workshops
  • Yummy vegetarian meals
  • Hot tub
  • Sauna
  • Hiking
  • Hammocks
  • Campfires, drumming, singing
  • New spiritual friends

Gaia Sagrada is nestled in the magical Andes Mountains of Ecuador near the city of Cuenca (45 minutes), and is approximately 150 miles south of the equator. This spiritual community and retreat center consists of 55 acres of pristine land with fresh clean mountain air, peaceful pastures and gardens, whispering pine forests and incredible views. Walks on various dirt roads in these mountains offer breathtaking views of the mountains and sky.

We can accommodate your workshop or retreat at Gaia Sagrada


  • Minimum reservations are for 20 spaces, not more than 50 spaces maximum
  • All meals are included in room fees. If your group has a special diet, please let us know if it is more specific than a vegetarian diet.

Meeting Facilities:

  • Tree of Life Sanctuary:The largest hall is the Tree of Life Sanctuary, which can seat about 50 people.
  • All outdoor areas are available to use as you like, but schedule your meeting spaces with us so we know where your group is meeting at all times during your stay here. We would like to make sure we don’t plan noisy activities nearby.

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