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We are posting our own articles and links to articles written by others that are about the retreat industry and the challenges faced by these specials havens of the Divine.

Visit our blog to review the articles and provide us your thoughts.

Summer Greetings

Sleeping in a hammock, feeling wet sand in your toes, gentle rain singing, cool breezes, warm sunshine...these are all reminders of the subtle pleasures that we can experience while on retreat. Now is the time to plan a retreat for August or the coming fall months.

In this newsletter we talk about those ingredients that make a retreat divine: retreat leaders, retreat activities and retreat locations. Give yourself or those you love a special gift -- a time to rest, grow, and be transformed. Glance through this newsletter for ideas about a spiritual vacation.
Retreat Leaders
Divine Messengers - Posted on FindtheDivine Blog
More and more people today are seeking both places and messages of solace during these hectic times.  Retreat centers and spirituality oriented conference centers are providing respite and hope for those that are looking for both places to rediscover their God and to hear sanguine messages of trust and love from those leading events and workshops. Both the spiritual ambiance of the retreat facilities and the divine expertise of staff and retreat speakers and leaders add to one's "retreat experience".  In this article the people that one meets while attending a retreat, a conference or a spiritual workshop will be featured. They are the ones that generate spiritual synergism to make a retreatant's experience one of love, rest, adventure, hope and transformation.

Many of today's retreats are transformative in focus; connecting with both yourself and the Divine to transform your physical, mental and spiritual faculties. Dr. Kevin J. Fleming, President/CEO of Grey Matters International is a former neuropsychologist, Spiritual Director and Life/Executive Coach that leads retreats that are designed to awaken the truest of spiritualities underneath our decision making, our relationships, and ultimately our life's goals.

Dr. Fleming also integrates solid spiritual rigor with humorous and deep insights that create a transformative experience full of "practical wisdom" typically not experienced in retreats. (http://www.seekaretreat.com/leaders/virtual.html). To learn more about these retreats, email Dr. Fleming at kevin@greymattersintl.com.

Upcoming Retreat Activities

Retreats really have no season but a lot seem to be scheduled during the fall of each year. We are starting to get requests from retreat leaders and retreat locations to post information for the fall of 2009.

We are asking visitors to our web sites to provide us information about the retreats that they like the most. The results will be posted in the near future.

What type of retreats do you like?

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Consider going on retreat this fall...

We hope that you will consider withdrawing from your normal activities and surroundings to experience the peace and spiritual nourishment offered by many retreat places, programs and people.

Phil, Peter, Isabelle, Cindy and Fields


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