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Northeast US Retreat Calendar, Programs, Events, Conferences & Workshops

Northeast US Retreat and Event Calendar

Our listings of retreat programs have been growing recently. Retreat centers and leaders that host and conduct these retreat events are listed on this page. We are now building the content of the site, so if you know of a program, workshop or retreat event that would benefit from being listed on our web site please click to submit your information and share with other seekers.

To search this regional calendar for scheduled workshops and programs, scan down the page through our featured retreats with their web page and email links. Also visit to locate retreat events by state, jurisdiction and country.

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SeekaRetreat, created and operated by FindtheDivine, also lists retreat events, programs, conferences and workshops. The calendars are listed by country and jurisdiction (state/province.)

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Directed Retreats
St. Paul of the Cross Retreat Center
(412) 381-7676

Directed Retreats

As always if there is anybody interested in using the retreat center, whether a retreatant or not, for a day or weekend gathering or for any overnight retreats please either call me at the retreat center or e-mail me at

3801 SCR 575 E
Selma, IN 47383
Phone: (765)747-7027

Rainbow Farm, an International Emissary Community, is the setting for Oakwood Retreat Center, located in East Central Indiana just east of Muncie. As a host facility for retreats and group events we provide fully equipped meeting spaces, dining facilities, and guest rooms with accommodations available for up to 50 people.

Please visit us to see our retreat schedule...

Enhancing Spirituality

with Marianne Harms

Center for Personal Reflection Retreat
Ottsville PA

215. 766. 0604

Enhancing Spirituality

with Marianne Harms

Enhancing Spirituality in a Confusing World: (Discoverng the intimacy of our own spiritual joureny)


Come to the Water - Retreats on the Ocean
St. Joseph by the Sea
Featured workshops in NJ
(732) 892-8494

Come to the Water

Come and Enjoy the experience of the shore and all its spring beauty. For those desiring time alone with their God in a silent atmosphere.

For more information and a brochure describing our retreats.

Week End Retreats
Weekend Retreats
Direct Link to schedule

For information contact us by phone (513) 347-5449 or by


Visit our website at

Days, Evenings, Weekends for Special Groups

Theme, prayer and process are arranged to meet the needs of each particular group here or at the local site. Programs are available to parish committees/parish councils, school faculties/parish teams, liturgical ministers and many others. Our programs can range from a few hours to several consecutive evenings to weekend retreats. While we do provide suggestions for themes, we are always open to ideas from the groups themselves. By providing custom designed programs to these groups, we hope to help participants maximize these opportunities for spiritual growth.

Jesuit Retreats
The Jesuit Retreat House

Jesuit Retreat House
A Place of Peace in the Forest

Join us for peace, prayer and guidance in our serene setting of 57 acres of forest, meadows and pathways. Follow the prayer paths to outdoor shrines and the Stations of the Cross and find God in nature and in yourself.

108 years of retreatants have made this place holy ground.
Make your retreat amidst 57 acres of woods and meadows.

Register on line at

Individually Directed Retreats

This exploration of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola will move you closer to God through the gift of prayer. For those of you looking for the next phase in your spiritual life, an individually directed retreat by one of the Jesuit or women directors is perfect. Through daily meetings with the director the retreatant is guided in: becoming aware of the reality of God's presence and activity; coming to trust this awareness; responding to this presence and activity.


Day Retreats

Our day retreats are open to men and women. There will be time to get closer to the Lord through presentations, quiet reflection, the sacrament of reconciliation and the weekday liturgy. You can walk our 57 acres of paved paths and visit the shrines along the way.

(A description of evening programs is below, following the day programs.)

Evening Retreats

Evening retreats are frequently held for participants in a particular group or type of ministry. Occasionally JRH offers an evening retreat that is open to all who are interested. There will be time to get closer to the Lord through presentations and quiet reflection. You can walk our 57 acres of paved paths and visit the shrines along the way.

For More Information

IAM Counseling and Retreat Center

New Albany, PA 18833

(570) 363-2808

The IAM Retreat Center is dedicated to the creative and healing arts and fostering a respect for the environment. We offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the quiet found here:

Retreats Offerred

For Personal Growth:
meditation - reflection - prayer - spiritual re-creation

In Creativity:
art - writing - music - movement

Through Gardening and Farming:
organic gardening -chicken and other bird raising and husbandry

In Nature:
camping - birding - observing wildlife in general - exploring the unspoiled rural setting

For Physical Well-being:
walking - hiking - cycling - canoeing - kayaking - running - cross-country skiing.

For Counseling:
individual - couples - family - groups - therapy retreats - workshops

The facility is available to other helping professionals to present their own workshops.

Self Realization Meditation Healing Centre

7187 Drumheller Rd
Bath, Michigan 48808

(517) 641-6201

Silent Retreat

Inner and outer silence, together with times spent in meditation, contemplation, walking... help us to develop a depth of peace that is rare in today's hectic lifestyles.

These small group retreats offer simple vegetarian food and comfortable, shared accommodations in a quiet country setting. You'll also enjoy walks in area woodlands; time for meditation, rest and relaxation. $109 pp + tax. Wheelchair accessible lodging is available.

Holistic Healing
PO Box 3232
Sea Bright, NJ 07760

Retreat Topics include:

Attaining Inner Peace & Harmony Retreat
Seeds of Peace Buddhist Meditations
Healing Through Life Path Divination
Energy Clearing & Letting Go Process
Learning To Communicate With The Body's Innate Intelligence
Healing Through Past Life Regression Intensive
Reiki Energy Therapy Level I & II Training

For more information please visit our retreat schedule

Villa Maria
Conference Center
“There is a place….”

A time of retreat provides opportunities for quiet reflection, prayer, personal renewal, integration and spiritual, physical and emotional refreshment. In the midst of busy lives, a time of decision-making or inner searching, retreat is a time for deepening or rediscovering relationship with God, a time to listen in the quiet for God's voice.

All adults (regardless of gender, life vocational commitment or religious affiliation) are welcome to participate in our retreats which are presented in the Catholic Christian tradition. Exceptions to this are noted (e.g., women's retreats, couple's retreats, etc.).

In a group setting a variety of Conference and Guided retreats and renewal experiences are offered. Directed retreats are offered in a one-on-one setting, retreatant with director. All retreats provide participants an opportunity for daily Eucharist.

For more information about these retreats, please contact us

724-964-8920, Ext. 3241

Email -

Bergamo Center

Dayton, Ohio


Bergamo Center for Lifelong Learning, a retreat and conference center, was founded in the ecumenical spirit of Pope John XXIII and rooted in the Marianist and Catholic traditions, welcomes all persons and groups of goodwill who seek a tranquil, natural environment in which to refresh the body, expand the mind, and renew the spirit. Bergamo Center offers spiritual formation programs for youth and adult throughout life that deepen self-awareness, develop interior life and elicit a personal faith response to changing times.

Bergamo Center, Dayton Ohio
Telephone: (937) 426-2363
For more information, visit

Still Point Interfaith Retreat Center
Stillwater, NY

Extensive Retreat Proram Schedule

Retreat is a time to "Come away" and to be still, allowing that Inner Wisdom to be heard in an environment of quiet and solitude. It is designed to nurture your spirit. Retreats are open to anyone seeking spiritual renewal and are open to people of all traditions. Prayer, meditation, Yoga, Qi Gong and toning are practices available with retreats at Still Point.

Still Point Interfaith Retreat Center, located in upstate NY, just minutes from downtown Saratoga, is open during the year for private retreats, a day of quiet and prayer, group or staff retreats, youth retreats, business retreats and church groups. At this time we cannot accommodate overnight retreats for groups with more than 5 people. There are 5 fully winterized hermitages (cabins) nestled in the woods along with a large facility, The Welcoming House, for groups.

Wisdom House Retreat
and Conference Center

Litchfield, CT

From time to time everyone needs a quiet place . . .

Nestled in the foothills of the Berkshires, Wisdom House Retreat and Conference Center invites you to an experience of peace and tranquility.

This former center of spiritual development for the community of Catholic sisters, the Daughters of Wisdom, provides an environment conducive to reflection and creative expression.

Now Wisdom House is the interfaith center which welcomes women and men who value seeking and learning in a contemplative environment. The center is a ministry of the Daughters of Wisdom of the United States Province.

As a country retreat and conference center, Wisdom House spans 54 acres of meadows, woods and brooks. Indoor and outdoor sanctuary areas and labyrinth encourage meditation, prayer and creative thinking.

For more information please contact us

(860) 567-3163

Saint Joseph Center

Email - Sister Mary Clark, SSJ


137 Mount St. Joseph Road

Wheeling, WV 26003

Saint Joseph Center -- A hundred-acre rural setting is the backdrop of Saint Joseph Center. The Center offers a comfortable and homelike atmosphere marked by hospitality, simplicity, and quiet.

The Center provides a restful and peace-filled environment for an unstructured retreat. There are several Sisters of St. Joseph available by appointment to provide spiritual direction if desired. Opportunities for classes and workshops can be found locally at Wheeling Jesuit University, the Howard Long Wellness Center, and Oglebay Park.

Sabbatical opportunity: The apartment at Saint Joseph Center is available for extended periods of time. It is a lovely setting consisting of a sitting room, bedroom, small kitchen and outside porch.
Best-Kept Secrets Are Spiritual Oases

The Center is located on 100 acres of woodland and rolling hills. It is within easy walking distance of Oglebay Park and close to the Stifle Center and Oglebay Institute for cultural opportunities and the local wellness center where one can take classes in yoga, tai chi etc.

Telephone: 304-232-8160
For more information, visit

Servant Song Ministries
Retreat House & Spirituality Center

Waynesburg, PA

Seasonal Retreats... Extensive Schedule!

For more information, visit
Call 724-852-2133

Peace Village Learning and
Retreat Center

Haines Falls, NY 12436
Phone: 518 589 5000

Peace Village is a place where relaxation comes easily. People come here to learn new things about themselves, to enjoy silence and solitude, and to find peace of mind. It's also a place to meet others who are interested in integrating a spiritual dimension into their lives. As one retreat guest remarked: "Peace Village is the spa for the soul!"

The beautiful 300 acre campus reflects and respects all that is good about the mountains of upstate New York - fresh air, quiet, close to nature - stay comfortable and safe in this nurturing and spiritual atmosphere.

...300 acres of mostly untouched land of woods and streams

Harmony Hill Lodging & Retreat Center

East Meredith, NY

Come for retreat or recreation

Our New York retreat center is located on 70 pristine acres nestled in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains. Stay in our upscale tree house yurts for a unique lodging experience.....or just come for the day. Bring friend or family ......or journey on your own private tranquil retreat.

For more information please contact us

(877) 278-6609

Retreats in Indiana
Saint Meinrad Archabbey
Saint Meinrad
(812) 357-6585

Saint Meinrad Archabbey offers a variety of retreat options for those seeking a more intimate relationship with God. Offered on weekends (Friday evening through Sunday noon) or during the week (Tuesday evening through Thursday noon), retreats provide an opportunity for a time of quiet and spiritual reflection.

Those interested in private retreats, with or without the spiritual direction of a retreat director, are invited to contact us with questions or comments, or to make arrangements.

Br. Maurus Zoeller, OSB
Retreat Master
Saint Meinrad Archabbey
200 Hill Drive
St. Meinrad, IN 47577

Phone: (800) 581-6905 or (812) 357-6585
Fax: (812) 357-6841

Visit our upcoming retreat schedule

Saint Joseph Center

Email - Sister Mary Clark, SSJ

137 Mount St. Joseph Road

Wheeling, WV 26003

Retreat Schedule - 2007

June 3-11
Directed retreat with Sr. Connie deBiase, SSJ

July 8-16
Directed retreat with Brother John Malich, FMS

August 19-27
Directed retreat with Sr. Judy Cole, CSJ

September 16-24
Directed retreat with Sr. Carolyn Bodenschatz, CSJ

October 14-22
Directed retreat with brother Michael Laratonda, FMS

November 5-13
Directed retreat with Sr. Carol Marozzi, SSJ

Telephone: 304-232-8160
For more information, visit

Contemplative and Silent Retreats
Dayspring Retreat Center
(301) 428-9348

Dayspring Retreat Center

11301 Neelsville Church Road

Germantown, Maryland 20876

We are pleased to offer a schedule of silent retreats providing opportunities for prayer and solitude in an ambience of natural beauty, order, and tranquility.

Believing that our world provides too little time and space for listening to God and that prayer is central to the Christian life, we offer these retreats as time set aside for dialogue with God, meditation, and contemplation.

Our retreats are designed to provide you with a broad range of choices, both in content and time frame, to deepen your spiritual journey. Our leaders are men and women of mature personal faith who are experienced and skillful in guiding others into silence and meditation.

The setting of woods and fields, the quiet of Merton's Pond, and the warmth of the Lodge and Inn are here to welcome you in your search for silence.

Upcoming retreats at Dayspring

338 Plush Mill Rd - Wallingford, PA 19086

Offering you more than 50 workshops, retreats, conferences and short courses each year on our beautiful 23-acre campus in Wallingford, Pennsylvania

Pendle Hill is a Quaker center for spiritual growth, study and service. We offer many programs open to people of all faiths. Our programs include evening lectures, weekend workshops, short courses, our longer term Resident Program, and more.

Pendle Hill offers dozens of inspiring Short Courses and Retreats on art and literature, peace and justice, spiritual development, bodywork, Quaker faith and practice, the Bible and other sacred writings...

Many Summer Workshops and Retreats focus on creative arts such as weaving, songwriting, Chinese painting and clay. There’s more: yoga, spiritual retreats, a Quakerism weekend, Qi Gong...

Personal Retreats, Sabbaticals and Sojourns allow you to plan your time within the framework of everyday life in the Pendle Hill community. Come to refresh your spirit, write, relax...

For more information please contact us

Email -

Toll Free: (800) 742-3150

Saint Joseph Center

Email - Sister Mary Clark, SSJ

12 Step retreat

137 Mount St. Joseph Road

Wheeling, WV 26003

Retreats 2007
Dates: September 28-30
Retreat Title: 12 Step retreat
Retreat Themes: AA Alanon, NA
Spiritual Focus: ecumenical
Environment: small retreat center in hills of WV
Description: This is a retreat geared for those who are or have been in a 12 step program. Space is limited.

Retreat Leaders: Sr. Kathleen O'Hagan, SND deN
Leader Credentials: Sr. Kathy cureently lives and ministers in West Virginia.
Leader Email:

Telephone: 304-232-8160
For more information, visit

SeekaRetreat, operated by FindtheDivine, also lists retreat events, programs, conferences and workshops. The calendars are listed by country and jurisdiction (state/province.)

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Our listings of retreat programs have been growing during the past few months. We are now building the content of the site, so if you know of a program, workshop or retreat event that would benefit from being listed on our web site please click to submit your information and share with other seekers.

Please book mark this page for future reference. Thank You.

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