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Nature Reflections: A 90-Day Devotional for People Who Love Nature (Outdoor Devotional Series) (Volume 2)
by Patty Mondore

If you love nature, and the One who created it, you will love Nature Reflections. Written from her favorite waterfront location in the beautiful Thousand Islands in Northern New York, Patty’s 90 daily meditations include a short reading from the Scriptures, a short devotional, and a place to jot down your own thoughts and reflections. As Patty shares some of her own devotional experiences, her fellow nature-lovers will become more aware of God’s presence as they enjoy nature. They will also grow in their walk with God through a subject that is dear to their heart, and his, too. So, grab your book and be prepared for an inspirational and interactive time enjoying nature. Nature Reflections is the second in a series of devotionals written for those who love nature and the outdoors.

Available here:
Nature Reflections: A 90-Day Devotional for People Who Love Nature

River Reflections: A 90-Day Devotional and Journal for People who Love the Water
by Patty Mondore

If you love the water, and the One who created it, you will love River Reflections. Written from her favorite waterfront location in the beautiful Thousand Islands in Northern New York, Patty’s 90 daily meditations include a short reading from the Scriptures, a short devotional, and a place to jot down your own thoughts and reflections. Topics include everything nautical from lighthouses and wildlife to ships and river sunsets.

Deep Living: Transforming Your Relationship to Everything That Matters Through the Enneagram

To be at home in yourself and at ease in the world are among life's greatest blessings. In Deep Living, Dr. Roxanne Howe-Murphy illuminates the stunning and paradoxical mechanisms through which our personalities unconsciously take each of us in exactly the opposite direction of our deepest nature. The result is a seemingly unsolvable inner divide. Offering a radically compassionate, rare, and mature approach to personal change, Dr. Howe-Murphy integrates the ancient wisdom of the Enneagram with presence-based practices for everyday living and unexpected healing processes, to transform how we see and experience ourselves and the world around us. By shifting where we put our attention, our innate and evolutionary capacity for the deep intelligence of presence grows, and we move toward our soul's true longing and purpose. Tapping into our direct, in-the-moment experience leads us from a distorted sense of self and others to an authentic connection with what's true. By doing so, we move: - from inner inadequacy to real inner authority - from struggle to real inner peace - from being in the grip of personality to real inner liberation Used wisely, the Enneagram is a map of nine profound journeys from separateness to wholeness and love. In Deep Living, readers will find the reflection of their particular true nature.

Love Breathing
Eric Munro

A free ebook, “Love Breathing, Experience Divine Joy with Every Breath You Breathe” is available at www.howtoLoveGod.org.

A wellspring of God’s joy resides in everyone. Loving God with an open heart releases this wondrous joy into one’s life. Doesn’t it make sense then to practice loving God, so His joy becomes a natural part of the day? How, though, does one practice loving God? Love Breathing is one method that helps habitualize loving God to every breath. With a sincere, regular, loving God practice, enjoying divine communion becomes a natural and common experience; as natural and common as breathing.

A Cloud of Witness
by Joan S. Hickey
A Today's world can sometimes seem chaotic and God's presence far away. But even amid the chaos many people experience the presence of God in profound ways in their daily lives.

First time author and life-long seeker, Joan Hickey was an Associate Staff member of Shalem Institute for 25 years. Traveling the world teaching and leading contemplative retreats and workshops for Shalem, she became fascinated by the experiences of God in the lives of those she met. People from all walks of life and various faith traditions told amazing accounts of God's warming presence as they sought answers, needed help, diverted danger and more.

Now, Joan Hickey brings together many of those stories in "A Cloud of Witnesses".. Available on Shalem

The Art of Living Your Destiny [Paperback]
Ronda LaRue (Author)
A powerful guidebook for those seeking to directly experience - within themselves - how to awaken to soul, move beyond the fear-based ego self, and live more authentically in every day real life. This book will be especially helpful to those seeking the surprising gifts of personal spiritual growth and wisdom hidden behind life’s most difficult challenges, crossroads and life transitions through engaging the SoulArts Process of Awakening(tm) - a life-transforming creative tool for leading a life of awakened purpose, peace and passion.
Remembering Who You Really Are: The Journey of Awakening to Soul
By Ronda Ackles LaRue (Author)

There's A Secret Waiting For You Behind Life's Questions, Struggles, And Searches
There is a voice calling to us through the passageways of our normal everyday living, calling us to look and listen more deeply, calling us home to the fullness of our True Nature. It whispers through the heart of our desires; it calls through the sound of our worries and confusion; it cries out through the devastation of life crises, ushering us to the entrance of the invisible doorway of Love Itself, as we ask the important life questions:
Ronda Ackles LaRue, noted artist and business consultant, takes you right in with her in this lucid and vulnerable expose, as she enters into an intimate process of life crisis, spiritual struggle, and the search for meaning that foreshadowed her awakening into the fullness of Being.
Available on Amazon

A Retreat of My Own is a personal retreat kit developed by Karen Ely, founder and director of A Woman's Way, the country's premier women's retreat and workshop program. It is a retreat alternative for women who aren't able to attend a structured retreat but still want to be able to step back from their lives - to pause, reflect and relax - and begin to create lives of meaning and futures steeped in passion and joy.

Order Your Women's Personal Retreat Kit Today

The Mindfulness Workbook: A Beginner’s Guide to Overcoming Fear & Embracing Compassion
By Thomas B. Roberts, LCSW, LMFT
Mindfulness is a powerful antidote to stress, anxiety and panic, chronic pain, depression, obsessive thinking, out-of-control emotions, and many other physical and mental health conditions. This ancient technique can help anyone who struggles with fears, worries, and distractions refocus on the present moment and live happily, here and now.

The Mindfulness Workbook is a step-by-step instruction workbook that guides you through simple practices that enable you to experience mindfulness not as a distant experience or concept, but as an attainable state of being in the world. You will discover the effectiveness of breath work, mindful eating, and thought-watching, and begin reaping the benefits of mindfulness right away. Over time, you will begin to notice that these small changes can bring about a bigger transformation, enhancing your sense of fulfillment and calm.
Available at BarnesandNoble.com and Amazon.com

A wonderful poetry anthology written by Patricia Franklin Lyons over a period of time, Leading with the Heart reflects thoughts, impressions, and memories of life. It beautifully portrays nature, love, joy, and pain and offers poetic images of the beauty and sorrow that touch our everyday lives.

Open your mind, heart, and soul and learn to appreciate the simple pleasures in life. Bask in the warmth of Sunlight and listen to the music of Silence. Find the deeper meaning behind Words and relish the peace that comes after The Mighty Storm. Click here to order this book

The art of Living Well & Dying Well responds to the questions: What is the good life? How do we live life to the fullest in the face of sin, suffering, and death? How do we die at peace?

Structured like a stational liturgy, Living Well & Dying Well calls us to stop and face the five spiritual crises-loss of faith, despair, impatience, pride, and greed-and five remedies-inspiration, hope, patience, humility, generosity -that are pivotal moments on the journey of life and death. Along with each of these remedies, O'Brien offers meditations, prayers, and a summons to communal support. This latter piece is crucial-living well and dying well requires us to love and accompany one another in our journeys.

THE LOST EPISTLE OF JESUS presents a holistic vision of Christianity by dramatizing the passion of the "good thief" on the cross as an epic love story. The novel was a finalist in the Best Books competition sponsored by USABOOKNEWS and has been enthusiastically received.by Evan Drake Howard

Imagine a world where Jesus Christ's struggles with his love for Mary Magdalene resulted not in marriage but in timeless wisdom for today. This is the world of The Lost Epistle of Jesus ($15.99, paperback, 978-1-60266-126-4), Evan Drake Howard's epic love story set in first century Jerusalem that explores Christ and Christianity in revolutionary new ways. The story revolves around a miraculous epistle that Jesus wrote to help people in all generations through the storms of falling in love and loving. The novel also raises questions about why Judas Iscariot committed suicide, who really killed Jesus, and what it means to be a true Christian
Order on Amazon

Starve the Ego: Feed the Soul! Souldrama: Ignite your Spiritual Intelligence.
By Connie Miller

Endorsed by Zerka Moreno, Clark Baim and Stevan Thayer!
You can go see it all here
Today, we seem to search for meaning and purpose in our lives and begin a spiritual journey as we ask ourselves,"Is this all there is?" In troubled times, new approaches and new initiatives are needed to break through the present impasse to restore health and vibrancy.
What keeps people stuck in relationships, careers, addictions?
Souldrama is a dynamic new therapeutic process that integrates psychology and spirituality,and aligns the ego and soul to move past the resistance in our lives preventing us from accessing our higher purpose.

by Carol E. McMahon, Ph.D. with Master Deac Cataldo

"Straight Line Meditation: How to Restore Awareness and Why You NeedTo " introduces a feedback meditation method, a fix for the wandering mind.

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Unstuck: Antidepressants have been declared to be “the treatment of choice” for depression. Each year, American doctors write more than 200 million prescriptions for people suffering from depression, as well as others who are inhibited, shy, anxious, in pain or unhappy. Yet, as we consume these medications (with their potentially disabling side effects) in record numbers, there is a growing body of evidence that they don’t work nearly as well as we’ve been led to believe.

Is There Another Way?.
In UNSTUCK, Dr. Gordon details an integrative approach that combines nutrition, meditation, exercise, self-expression and other techniques. He has taken 40 years of experience treating patients suffering from clinical depression, as well as anxiety, low energy, and ordinary unhappiness, and distilled it into an easy-to-use guide to understanding the causes of depression, alleviating its symptoms, and empowering people to take an active role in their own healing.
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