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Michael and Cecilia Gallery
Retreat Masters
The Quiet Place
324 Marble Mine Rd
Bakersville, NC 28705

(828) 688-2689

Both of us were working in Columbia, South Carolina, when the subtle stirrings within began. The gentle urging would not be ignored, could not be ignored, and the awakening continued, rearranging, and adjusting, as remembering blossomed into knowing.

Still, it was not until a vivid, potent dream vision that we surrendered to God’s Divine Plan completely, and released our grip on worldly things, to take the hand of The Holy Spirit. In the releasing, fear gave way to faith; doubt gave way to trust; and, the journey continued, leading us away from the city, up into the high mountains.

We were led to establish The Quiet Place as a sanctuary for the children of God, a place of peace, a place where the door is always open, a place of retreat for contemplative prayer and meditation. It is our gift to all of God’s children. It is our gift to God. The Quiet Place is a place to set yourself aside, and rest, a place where your spiritual gifts will be magnified, resurrected from the shadows, to shine in The Light. All you have to do is be willing to be still, and make the sacred journey within, to the core of your being, to sit with God.

It is not difficult to open the door, and enter the chamber waiting. It is not difficult to approach the altar, and dine, at the feast, divine. It is not difficult to surrender, and be fed, by The Hand of God. It is not difficult to be lifted-up, carried on the wings of The Holy Spirit of God, into complete peace, light, balance, harmony, serenity, and tranquility. It requires only that you bring yourself to the place. The time? It does not matter. The day? It is of no regard. The dress? Come as you are; with no pretense, of what you “think” you should be, or say, or do. Because, in the holy space of The Quiet Place, The Breath of The Holy Spirit will enfold you, and hold you, as you soar to the door of eternity. And, in this “State of Anticipation,” you will find that you are ready to speak, you are ready to say, “I am here, God. I am still. I am silent. I am ready. Today God, I am ready to set my prayers, and supplications, aside, so that I might: know, that which You wish for me to know; hear, that which You wish for me to hear; and see, that which You wish for me to see. I am here. I am still. I am silent. And I am ready, God.”

The Quiet Place is a retreat for individuals and couples seeking peace, and it is waiting for you. It is waiting to welcome you, to restore and replenish you and your gifts, and it is our honor to serve you, and take care of you, while you rekindle the spark, ignite the flame, and continue your sacred journey…into eternity.

A brochure is available here

Credentials:The Path of The Dove. Holy Spirit, Angelic, and Light Being guided counseling. Co-Authors of "God's Love Song To Man."

Information about our Book...


Daily: 7:00 a.m. and sunset

Weekly: The Ecumenical Rosary, every Wednesday, 12:00 noon

Monthly: The Silent Sanctuary Meditation, every third Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Please email us to find out more about our practice and how we can help you on your spiritual journey.

Neva J. Howell


Education / Experience:

Neva J. Howell has been a Reiki Master since 1995 and a spiritual healer for many years before that time. She walks a blended-tradition path of spirituality and offers Reiki workshops, Reiki sessions, Foot reflexology and Spiritual Activation connections. Neva hosts mini-retreats from her home in northeast Alabama. Neva is the author of Moon Lodge Visions: An Acceleration Handbook.

Moon Lodge Visions covers the effects of spiritual acceleration on the physical, emotional, and mental bodies, offers explanation for spiritual phenomenon associated with current awareness shifts, and tips for balancing the spiritual path in third-dimensional reality. Appropriate for Reiki practitioners, Metaphysicians and Spiritually Strong Women.

Neva's Purpose/Goal:

1. To humbly serve Spirit in providing a conduit for healing energies.

2. To allow each person to be responsible for their own healing, the pace of their healing and their acceptance or rejection of healing energies.

3. To make myself available in dreamtime and other realms for continued help with those who connect with me in a healing manner.

Spiritual Retreats for Women:

My desire to be of service as I walk my path is deep. My personal commitment to impeccability and integrity is deeper, which is why I have taken myself away from service for so long. I knew I had to heal what was broken in me before I could hold Sacred Space at the levels it would be needed to those who would come; those who were ready to heal themselves at the highest levels.I have purchased a home in northeast Alabama and am furnishing it in preparation for offering offering spiritual retreats and healing services for women.

I have embarked on another spiritual journey with this decision. I don't even know what it looks like or will involve but I know I have to free myself up, to be available for it. Every step I take brings imagery and awareness of the next. Thus, I know I'm following the path I am meant to follow.

Workshops, Healing Services Information

Each spiritual training workshop will be different, depending on the needs of the participants and may contain knowledge from various spiritual healing modalities including Reiki, reflexology, herbology, Sacred Ceremony, aromatherapy and Shamanic Journeying.

However, the bulk of my teaching comes from a direct energy transfer experience and the healing teachings that are coming out of that experience. Dreamtime work will also be a strong component of our time together.

Spiritual Advisor City Email Telephone Comments
Kathy A. Stilwell
Franklin Email

Graduate of Spiritual Companioning Program, St. Thomas University, Miami, FL. Interdenominational...Inclusive of all

Maureen Killoran, MA, DMin

SpiritQuest LLC

Hendersonville Email

Credentials:Maureen Killoran, MA, DMin - SpiritQuest Coaching

Life Coach and Unitarian Universalist minister Maureen Killoran, MA DMin, offers personal coaching for mid-life women who want more creativity, focus and joy in their lives. All coaching by phone & email. Complimentary 45 min. session.

Visit Maureen at

Fil Anderson

Journey Resources

Greensboro Email

I direct solitude and silent retreats across the U.S. Completed Spiritual Guidance program at Shalem Institute. Author of Running On Empty: Contemplative Spirituality for Overachievers, published by Waterbrook Press.

Maggie Barton

Maggie's Place B&B/Retreat Center

Waynesville Email

Credentials:CSW/MSW Columbia University School of Social Work, Certificate in Alcohol & Substance Abuse, 15 years in Private Psychotherapy Practice, Reiki Master, daily Personal Spiritual Practice, non-denominational Spiritual Counselor, specializing in Codependence, Career/Lifestyle/Relocation Transitions, Individual/Couples/Family/Group Counseling, Rites of Passage, Marriage Renewal.

John Hilpert

Cedar Cross
Retreat Center

Louisburg Email
Rev. Elizabeth J. Canham, D. Min

Hospites Mundi

Black Mountain
The Rev. Elizabeth J. Canham, D. Min., has been leading pilgrimages for more than twenty-five years. She is a priest in the Episcopal Church who came to the United States from her native England in 1981. She continues to celebrate her Celtic heritage and is currently working on a book that explores the desert tradition in Biblical, early Christian and Celtic communities.
Elizabeth Canham graduated from London University and holds a B.D Hons. and M.Th in New Testament. She received the S.T.M. degree in Spiritual Direction from the General Theological Seminary, New York and D.Min from Graduate Theological Foundation. She has taught in British and American seminaries.

To learn more about Hospites Mundi, visit our website

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