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This page provides a listing of Florida spiritual advisors and directors.

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Veneta Lorraine


phone: 561.496.4130

Loving service through a listening heart. This motto captures the orientation of ministry for Veneta Lorraine.

eneta has offered spiritual direction and retreat leadership for 18 years in several centers.

In addition to working toward a Doctor of Ministry degree at Barry University, Veneta leads a training program for spiritual directors at the Duncan Center, an Episcopal Conference and Retreat Center in SE Florida.

Duncan Conference Center
15820 S. Military Trail
Delray Beach, Florida 33484

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Brian M. Gostinger
Naples Email 239-634-3359 Organization: Need to Believe .
Expect, Believe, Receive
BA in Economics
Proven record of changing lives through spiritual awareness.
Tania Buchanan


Jacksonville 904-476-0931
Credentials: B.S. from UNF in PSY, 4-yr degree from Barbara Brennan School of Healing, in Human Energy Consciousness sytem. Minister of Truth Ministies. Owner & President of iAscension, Energy Practioner, & Spiritual Healer.
Website: http://www.iascension.com
Roberta Lee Veech, MA, LMHC

Living Stone Guesthouse

Sarasota 941-955-5933
Catholic background. Completed training in Spiritual Direction, currently finishing program in pastoral ministry. Two Master's degrees. Licensed as Mental Health Counselor in Fl and VT. Offers private retreats, spiritual direction or counseling.
To learn more about Living Stone, visit our website www.livingstoneguesthouse.com
William J. Lopez

Emmaus Retreats

Miami 786-357-5075
My calling in life is to spread the good news throughout the United States and the world that "Jesus Christ has risen!" Emmaus ignites a passion within me to serve the Lord. Like the two desciples whose hearts were burning to share the good news with others in Jerusalem, my heart is burning within me to take Emmaus to every city in the United States.
Are you Catholic? Have you left the Church? Is something missing in your life?
Do an Emmaus retreat and you will never be the same again. It is by far the most rewarding spiritual experience of my life. If you live in South Florida, or even if you don't, visit our website www.emmausradio.org

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